Soul faculties have a home base – find yours today.

“I don’t understand the connection between the 3 soul faculties and the 3 soul regions-how they interrelate?”

This is such a good question. The three soul faculties are feeling, thinking and willing and together they form our consciousness. If they are not working together correctly we are not fully conscious. One example is that when we fall in love we are overcome by feeling and thinking and willing (intentions) fall by the wayside.

To come to understand that the soul has three different regions we need to realise that feeling, thinking and willing have a home base – an operational environment if you like. A better way to understand this is to take these three activities (faculties) and apply them to regions of our body. Feeling is connected with our heart, thinking with our brain, and willing with our limbs and digestion. If, for instance, digestions moves into the heart region we call it heart burn.

Now it should be said that while we separate all these ideas out they do not work separately, they intertwine just as our heart’s blood is needed in our brain and our thinking is necessary to ensure that our movements are safe.

If we are to have an immediate experience of our soul we need to apply these ideas in our daily living. Trying to understand them as a theory does not work.


About KristinaK

Personal development author. After years of study and observation I understand that the core elements of our human consciousness are found in the way we feel, think and use our will. Yet we do these unconsciously and automatically much of the time. In all my writing I try to assist with the conscious awareness of these processes. I am also a Huffington Post blogger exploring the hidden meaning of The Bible. I refer to myself as an Esoteric Christian, with no allegiance to any religious denomination.
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