Who are you?

Free book of essays to inspire you. My essay is called “Who are You?”

It starts like this: This is a burning question for many of us. Why are we so curious about others? The media makes a fortune out of our curiosity. But when we read the articles that promise insight into the rich and famous, are we satisfied that what we read tells us who that person really is?

Of course not. The information is superficial at best and for the most part lacks any truth about the person. Yet we don’t learn from this experience and are continually drawn in by the promise of getting to know another person. Why is this? Is this curiosity fuelled by our own desire to know ourselves?



About KristinaK

Personal development author. After years of study and observation I understand that the core elements of our human consciousness are found in the way we feel, think and use our will. Yet we do these unconsciously and automatically much of the time. In all my writing I try to assist with the conscious awareness of these processes. I am also a Huffington Post blogger exploring the hidden meaning of The Bible. I refer to myself as an Esoteric Christian, with no allegiance to any religious denomination.
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