Being Authentic

Kiss of the Sea - Octavio Ocampo

I am totally over trying to be what other people want me to be. Or, to put it more accurately, trying to be what I think others what me to be. What is it that makes us want to be something more, or something less, than we really are? Is there is a power in the world that whispers to us, “The way you are is not quite right”? If there is it seems that everyone is listening to it! What would happen if we all stopped listening to this voice? What would be the outcome if we all appreciated the way we are, and the way other people are?

I think John Lennon was right. What the world needs now is love. Love needs a lot more attention than we give it. Forget the pop psychologists who say that you must first love yourself. Loving ourselves is a very egotistical, even narcissistic thing to do. True love begins when we love others, and sure, start with the ones who are easy to love. Then we stop criticising and judging because we accept them as they are. When we truly love other people, they will start loving us back. We experience this love within us; our love for them and their love for us. In this way we experience self-love – selflessly.


About KristinaK

Personal development author. After years of study and observation I understand that the core elements of our human consciousness are found in the way we feel, think and use our will. Yet we do these unconsciously and automatically much of the time. In all my writing I try to assist with the conscious awareness of these processes. I am also a Huffington Post blogger exploring the hidden meaning of The Bible. I refer to myself as an Esoteric Christian, with no allegiance to any religious denomination.
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4 Responses to Being Authentic

  1. 14opensource says:

    Dear Kristina,
    What a great blog! I sent it to my niece who’s a counselor, in her late 20’s beginning to ask questions of a soul nature. I’m also sharing your blog on my FB, “What a wonderul way to start the year!” The series of “I AM” books look wonderful too.
    I wanted to let you know that when I tried to “look inside” “I Connecting: The Soul Quest” on Amazon another book came up. Perhaps they’ll fix that for you.

    Thank you for your work,

    • soulquesting says:

      Thank you Patricia. I must make more posts on this blog. The other book that comes up when you click on the I Connecting link is the Kindle version of the same book.
      I love to hear that people are asking questions “of a soul nature” – to find our soul and spirit is really so simple, and when we do we feel quite liberated.

      • 14opensource says:

        “I AM The Mystery” is what opens up for me. Is that what you’re saying is the same as “I Connecting”? The other titles open to the corresponding book jacket, but not that one. ?

        I also appreciated the video you posted on Amazon. Like you say, simple. The truth usually is, isn’t it?

        Beautiful Holy Night,

  2. soulquesting says:

    I AM The Mystery is the Kindle version of I Connecting: The Soul’s Quest. Same book.
    I re-watched that video, I really should do another one, I am a bit too hesitant.

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