Understanding Insanity

The_Scream EdvardMunch1893

The rise of mental disorders is very concerning. It affects each one of us in ways that can escape our notice. Each of us is part of a community, small or large, and each of us contributes to the wellbeing of these communities. If some people are not able to contribute then the others must take up the slack. This principle works in nature as it also works in the human body.

Why are more people experiencing mental disorders? What can be done about it? We can’t answer these questions unless we understand the cause. It is so simple that many people will not give it the level of consideration that it deserves. In fact, not giving this matter the attention it requires will have dire consequences in the future.

Mental disorders are increasing because the ‘I’, the Higher Self, is exerting its influence in our soul. In our soul, thinking, feeling and will have a natural connection. When our ‘I’ makes its presence felt in our soul this connection is loosened leaving it is up to us to bring these three soul forces together in new ways.

If we do not become aware of our ‘I’, one of these three soul forces take over. If thinking takes over, we can be cold and heartless; if feeling dominates, we can be impractical and disconnected from the world; and violence results if our will takes control. Mental disorders and insanity result if we ignore these disconnections.

It is through awareness of our ‘I’ that we can imbue our feeling with thinking which will give us a more practical approach to life. Imbuing thinking with feeling gives warmth to cold thoughts, and thinking before we act out of our will makes for better actions.

Image: The Scream by Edvard Munch 1893


About KristinaK

Personal development author. After years of study and observation I understand that the core elements of our human consciousness are found in the way we feel, think and use our will. Yet we do these unconsciously and automatically much of the time. In all my writing I try to assist with the conscious awareness of these processes. I am also a Huffington Post blogger exploring the hidden meaning of The Bible. I refer to myself as an Esoteric Christian, with no allegiance to any religious denomination.
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